What is Born Centre Cultural?

El Born Centre Cultural is a unique and exceptional place that brings together three centuries of our history. Below the cast-iron structure of the iconic 19th century marketplace lies the Barcelona of 1700, the prosperous city that suffered the siege of 1714 and that put up an epic and heroic resistance before Catalonia's national liberties were eventually lost, yet to be restored three centuries later.  

The timeline that naturally emerges in this memorable space invites us to look into the past, the present and the future of our country; an entirely appropriate and necessary thought process at this crucial point in Catalan history. By knowing where we come from and who we are, we will have a much better awareness of where the road ahead should be taking us as a people.

The archaeological site known as the Ciutat del Born; the permanent exhibition on the Barcelona of the year 1700; the exhibition on the Siege of 1714, which will remain at the centre throughout the tricentenary of those events; the programme of regular arts and cultural events held at the centre (language, literature, music, film, puppets, dance, etc.); the series of lectures, interviews and talks, as well as other one-off activities hosted by the venue, all share a common purpose – to preserve the memory of our history in an entertaining, diverse and accessible way.

From residents of the neighbourhood of La Ribera, who can walk through the complex as part of their everyday route, to visitors from other parts who are interested in finding out more about this key location and events from the history of Catalonia, and from school children from across the country to people with more years and memories – they will all bear witness to the evolution of this space from a marketplace to a cultural venue. El Born CC is intended as an intergenerational, multidisciplinary landmark open to people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Epic, exciting, thought-provoking, memorable, unique, open, inclusive, dynamic, integrated, popular and creative – these are just some of the adjectives that define the experience of entering El Born Centre Cultural, whether it be simply passing through on your way somewhere else or staying for a longer visit, attending a regular or a one-off event or really exploring this country’s history in depth.

One will never experience two identical visits to El Born CC, a space that faithfully records past events and helps to give global recognition to the history of the Catalan nation.